Veggies Starring as....Themselves

Cooking….Art We Can Eat

When KC’s aunties started to help her paint pumpkins this past weekend, I was staunchly in observer mode.  A paint brush does nothing to stir my soul.  But a rainbow of fresh produce?  Now we’re talking!

When I posted about Stir Frying Fall Flavors, I failed to provide photos.  Tonight, though, I was ready!  The basic premise for the meal was that I was broiling some white fish, cooking up some brown rice, and stir frying an assortment of some beautiful veggies, all to be accompanied by a very simple curry sauce.  After I started the rice, I prepped the veggies…sweet potato, purple cabbage, onion, sweet red bell pepper, and curly kale.

Then, I put a tablespoon of peanut oil in my pan, and began to add the veggies in stages.

When everything except the kale was nearly cooked, I moved them to the serving bowl, and proceeded to stir fry the kale by itself, along with 1 tablespoon each of mirin (Chinese rice wine), soy sauce, and sesame oil.  The kale cooks down rapidly!

And then, the veggies danced together in the bowl!

And on my plate, before and after being draped in curry sauce!

Even the little girl pronounced it a delicious rainbow!