Ricotta and Chard Cannelloni — Chopping Block Report

Ricotta and Red Chard Cannelloni was on the chopping block on Saturday.  As I started to follow the recipe, it quickly became clear that we were going to part ways.  The original recipe called for twice as much ricotta and half as much chard as I thought was reasonable.  And I really wanted to bring walnuts and bacon into the recipe via a topping to please the carnivore(s) in the house.

So, my version packs a lot more veggies, and offers a smoky crunchy topping of crumbled bacon and walnuts to offer some contrast of textures.  The result, Ricotta and Chard Cannelloni with Walnut Cream Sauce, is something I’ll make again.  This was a great way to use chard, and it was a nice departure from pasta with tomato-based sauces.