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August 2014

I’ve been cooking passionately for about 20 years.  I love the way that cooking marries my love of method and order with art (a plate is, at some level, a kind of canvas) and a sense of immediate accomplishment. I’ve enjoyed menu planning for about as long as I’ve been cooking. Around the time  I became a mom, I began subscribing to a weekly organic produce delivery service. Suddenly, between my busy schedule and an intense desire to avoid wasting beautiful produce, meal planning became a survival skill in addition to a hobby for me.

This blog was created in 2010, when my daughter (AKA “the Littlest Chef” in these pages) was about 5 years old.  I was beginning to envision a time when she would be cooking for herself and her loved ones. I wanted to create a journal of sorts of my menu planning throughout her childhood…something a bit more permanent than the handwritten notes on scrap paper and in various notebooks scattered around my desk. My goals for this blog have been for it to serve as a combination cooking journal and database for me, and hopefully for it to be an interesting and perhaps useful source of information for the Littlest Chef as she sets forth on her own culinary journey.

My cooking spans the globe with minimal use of processed ingredients and a major emphasis on locally sourced foods, organically produced whenever feasible. My weekly menus are inspired primarily by what is in season and at its best, whether from the plants growing in my own garden, our weekly produce delivery, the farmers’ market, or local stores.

Pull up a stool and take a look at what’s cooking in my kitchen.

~ Lyndie



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