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Hawaiian Sesame Cabbage Salad — Chopping Block Report

This Hawaiian Sesame Cabbage Salad recipe has vaulted to my list of favorite ways to use cabbage. I knew it had the makings of a favorite when I first saw the recipe. I mean, it is crunchy and includes sesame oil, the combination of which can certainly float my boat.

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Cooking….Art We Can Eat

When KC’s aunties started to help her paint pumpkins this past weekend, I was staunchly in observer mode.  A paint brush does nothing to stir my soul.  But a rainbow of fresh produce?  Now we’re talking!

When I posted about Stir Frying Fall Flavors, I failed to provide photos.  Tonight, though, I was ready!  The basic premise for the meal was that I was broiling some white fish, cooking up some brown rice, and stir frying an assortment of some beautiful veggies, all to be accompanied by a very simple curry sauce.  After I started the rice, I prepped the veggies…sweet potato, purple cabbage, onion, sweet red bell pepper, and curly kale.

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