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Peanut Soup with Rice and Scallions — Chopping Block Report

KC’s favorite soup is tomato, and she eats A LOT of peanut butter, so this recipe for Peanut Soup with Rice and Scallions seemed right up her alley! Sometimes, I think the beauty of the pureed soup is also its Achilles heel — the simple, smooth texture.  So, in order to avoid monotony from that texture, I generally serve smaller portions of pureed soups than of soups with more textural variety.  This recipes says that it makes 6 servings.  I halved the recipe, and I would say that I still got 6 servings from it.

It’s pretty foolproof.  You sautee the vegetables and aromatics.

Then, add stock and tomatoes, bring to a boil, and simmer for a while.  Then puree.  I use an immersion blender to puree hot liquids right in the pan, which makes life a lot simpler and less dangerous than using a blender!


Then after serving, sprinkle with sliced scallions. I omitted the tofu because the rest of our meal contained plenty of protein already.

When I tasted the soup, at first I thought, “Oh, this is just another tomato soup.”  Then, the peanut flavor snuck up and mingled with the tomato flavor in a way that was very surprising to my American palate.  Of course, if you were raised in Africa, this flavor combination will seem obvious to you!

I’ll definitely make this again!