Let There Be (Light) Lasagne!

I have an idea in my head of what classic lasagne is like.  Not surprisingly, it is how I remember my mother making it.  But there are a lot of lasagne recipes out there.  I reviewed several on before making this one, and I got a kick out of reading the comments on the recipes.  This one for a Sausage Lasagne was described by some recipe reviewers as a delightful departure from the norm.  This intrigued me, because it just about exactly how I would make lasagne if I were not consulting a recipe.

sausage lasagne

I made it a little lighter, by reducing the amount of cheese between the layers and using a pretty lean sausage, and we sure didn’t miss those extra fat grams.  I also used some amazing fresh rosemary & roasted garlic pasta that I had picked up at our local Italian market. We never figured out why reviewers thought it was nontraditional, but I’d make this recipe again in a heartbeat!