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Weekday Lunches – Week of 9/8

Here’s what I plan to pack in my lunches this week:

  • Monday — brown rice couscous; pickled beets and hard-boiled egg; cherry tomatoes for snacking
  • Tuesday — Jampong (Korean spicy noodle soup)
  • Wednesday — leftover curried cauliflower and peas with brown rice; carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes for snacking
  • Thursday — leftover stir fry and brown rice; apple for snacking
  • Friday — smoked salmon and boursin cheese with lettuce on whole wheat bread; apple for snacking

Savory Waffles – The Possibilities are Endless

Is your waffle iron suffering from neglect?  A lot of us have acquired a waffle iron on a whim (or perhaps a hand-me-down from someone else who acquired one on a whim), but we don’t actually make waffles very often. Savory waffles are a great way to make more regular use of a waffle iron and to add a little flair to your presentation at lunch and dinner.

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