Lasagna, Love, and Lowell

For last weekend’s Green Goddess reunion, I prepared a recipe that has become a classic in my repertoire — roasted butternut squash lasagna.¬† For me, a “classic” is a recipe that friends and family request in advance of get-togethers, one I’ve made so many times that I no longer refer to the actual recipe that first inspired it, and often, one that invokes extra special memories.

This recipe hits a home run on all 3 points!

I first made this recipe for a big work-related gathering in February 2001.¬† I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made it since, but I can tell you that it was the meal I made in advance of our daughter’s birth and froze, which I then served¬†at our first family dinner with my parents-in-law when KC was 3 days old.¬† I can tell you that it was one of the many offerings at a combination wedding party, housewarming, and meet-the-new baby weekend that we hosted several weeks later.¬† And I can tell you that it is one of the recipes that comes to mind whenever the Green Goddesses are gathering and whenever I start to feel the first crisp fall air of the season.

But none of those things are the most memorable thing about this recipe for me.¬† The most memorable thing about this recipe for me is that it inspired the only marriage proposal I’ve ever received.¬† Now, you might be thinking that my husband must REALLY like this dish.¬† But you’d be wrong.¬† Peter likes this dish, but he’d take a classic lasagna over this one in a heartbeat.¬† One of the ironies of my life is that the only marriage proposal to which I’ve ever been a party did not involve my husband.¬† It came from the late Lowell Trede, father of one of my best friends, who was the recipient of a pan of this lasagna that was leftover from that very first gathering where it was served.¬† That’s right….I sent a pan of lasagna home with Teri, who gave it to her father.¬†The pan came back spotlessly clean and accompanied by an endearing marriage proposal!¬† Lowell LOVED this lasagna!¬† And I adored Lowell for his enthusiasm!¬† But I held out, after promising Lowell more lasagna….and the rest is history!¬†

Make this lasagna and share it with the people in your life.  Let me know what happens!