Breakfast Desserts

Goddesses Gather Here!

This past weekend was our annual Green Goddess Reunion Weekend.  It was absolutely wonderful to see everyone, the weather was fabulous, and we enjoyed lots of good food and wine.

I’ve already posted the menu for the weekend, so I won’t go into all the details.  But I will share a few photos and descriptions here.

On Friday night, we made pizza, and one of the favorites was this pizza with semolina crust, carmelized onions, blue cheese, pancetta and sage.

Saturday morning’s breakfast included a new-to-us preparation of ham & eggs.  Here, the eggs are baked with cream and herbs in a vessel made by a slice of black forest ham. I love the scalability of this recipe.  It would be so easy to add or subtract, depending on the number of breakfast guests, and it could easily be made in “waves” if the guests were ready at different times.

And then there were the cakes!  I had baked these chocolate and lemon-almond-yogurt cakes ahead of time, and Cheryl and KC decorated them on Saturday morning.  There are few activities that can hold my daughter’s attention like cake and frosting!  I think they turned out beautifully!