Local, Line-Caught Red Snapper and a Culinary 1st

Our local farmer’s market has added a fish monger to its vendor list, much to my delight.  The fish are line caught in saltwater off the coast of North Carolina.  I’ve been cooking like a fiend for 20+ years now and have attempted some very ambitious menus, but I’ve never cooked and served a whole fish before. So, when I got the announcement about the new fish vendor, I knew that the time had come.  I selected a gorgeous red snapper and planned a menu around it.

Pasta Seafood Veggies Starring as....Themselves

Everyday Asian

Last night’s dinner was a variation on one of my standby meal plans — stir fried veggies and sesame noodles, with or without some tofu, meat or fish.  These dishes are healthy and quick to prepare, and we almost always have the ingredients in the house.  Our sesame noodles were made with whole wheat spaghetti cooked and then tossed in a dressing that pretty closely follows this recipe. The veggies used what I had available — carrots and broccoli left from last week’s produce delivery, and some lovely bok choy that came in yesterday’s delivery.  The ahi tuna was marinated for about 30 minutes in the marinade from this recipe.  Since our grill was recently put out to “pasture,” and our new grill hasn’t arrived yet, I left the tuna in portion-sized pieces and cooked it under the broiler.  Grilling would have made it better, but we were pretty happy with it prepared this way.

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