Veggies Starring as....Themselves

Stir Frying Fall Flavors

As much as I like to try new cuisines and new recipes, I tend to be boxed in by some “purist” thinking when it comes to combining flavors within a single recipe or meal.  For example, when my sister recently raved about a recipe for ginger risotto balls, I had a difficult time wrapping my mind around an Asian flavor like ginger in a classic Italian streetfood.

So, tonight’s dinner represented a big step for me.  I passed by some of the usual suspects when considering veggies to stir fry as a side for our orange chicken and cardamom rice, and julienned some cabbage and sweet potatoes.  The resulting Cabbage and Sweet Potato Stir Fry was pretty (sorry, no pictures!), nutritious, and it really showcased some of our seasonal produce at its best.