Instant Pot For the Win!

This year’s black Friday retail extravaganza brought deep, deep discounts on Instant Pot prices. ¬†I caved under the pressure, and haven’t looked back!

First up, one of my “go to” vegetarian recipes from, lentil bolognese. ¬†Of all of my vegetarian recipes, I consider this the one that wins the “Most Likely to Convert a Meat Eater” award. ¬†The lentils mimic the texture of ground beef in a way that is almost uncanny with lots of flavor and none of the saturated fat.

The Instant Pot can sauté, but I was so focused on testing out the pressure cooking features that I took the easy way through this recipe.  Everything was chopped, dumped into the pot, then the pot was set for 20 minutes of pressure cooking on the manual setting.  At the end, I had a recipe that looked, smelled and tasted just like the one I usually simmer for hours, with a lot less work.  Instant Pot, I think I love you!